Welcome to Imperial Backpackers Home Hill

We hope you have a wonderful time at Home Hill!

Imperial Backpackers Home Hill is located in the heart of the fruit and vegetable growing area of the Burdekin Shire North Queensland.  We are a family run seasonal work hostel, helping travelers to obtain a second year working holiday visa.

We have a homely style friendly atmosphere with modern facilities.

About Home Hill

Home Hill, a rural town, is 75 km south-east of central Townsville and 11 km from Ayr. It is situated south of the Burdekin River on the Lower Burdekin delta. It is the hub for a number of farms that produce sugar cane, egg plant, melon, capsicum and mango.

The town provides a variety of comforts including an IGA supermarket, petrol stations, pubs, cafes and medical services.

Why stay at Imperial Backpackers?

At Imperial Backpackers, we strive to ensure that our facilities are well maintained, clean and safe for all backpackers and seasonal workers.  We maintain an excellent relationship with local farms to ensure that work is available for our guests.  Our staff are always happy to assist you with any inquiries you might have.  We have a maximum of 30 guests so it will feel more like home when you stay with us.

We are not a party hostel, and have a strict quiet time/no drinking time from 10.30 pm. This allows all guests to get a good nights sleep for work the following day.  Our accommodation and facilities are clean, well maintained and safe for both women and men.  When you stay with us, its not just a place to stay to get your work requirements finished – its a place you can make friends and remember it as part of your best holiday experiences.

Feel free to click through our site to see our accommodation and facilities, and if you have any questions, please see our contact us page.

To find out more about Home Hill and whats on offer, visit the Queensland Places website.

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Review for Accommodation and work placement
Awesome accommodation!

The accommodation was clean, the hosts were very helpful and work placements had great conditions. Highly recommended.